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Beer & Wine.

They’re forever around one another and working together in proximity, yet so different. They could be paired in a thesis for societal behavior and/or analogy of workplace relations. Too deep, man.

We’ve heard many jokes beginning with “A man walks into a bar…”, yet no credit is given to the stimulus that influenced his outcome.

How has wine and beer been so joint with humanity (6000-8000 years to be exact)? What does the future hold? They’ve been synonymous with our victories, with our loss, and with our pride.

BEERxWINE is like having a best friend that knows the gadgets, recipes, and culture of Wine and Beer… and everything else that pertains to the consumption, fun, and of course safety that surrounds these celebrated concoctions.

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Beer and wine: delicious, full-bodied, light or heavy, fruity, oaky, hoppy, there is an option for any palette. Beyond the obvious benefits to your taste buds, beer and wine are not merely beverages; there is an entire culture associated with each drink. When someone mentions beer, the imagery associated with beer is not merely a tall glass of ice-cold golden liquid; its one of comradery, of enjoyment, of bonding with fellow drinkers over the latest micro-brew or kicking back with your crew to watch the big game. Beer is a symbol of fun, community, and unity.

The imagery associated with a good glass of wine is equally as vivid. Enjoying a crisp glass of white on a hot summer evening while watching the sunset is a near perfect moment. Indulging in a glass of dry red by the fire with your love on a cold winter’s night, or simply enjoying a few of your favorite bottles over an excellent meal with friends are moments enhanced by the presence of a good wine. When thinking of wine, one thinks of luxury, indulgence, romance, and sophistication. We’ve all had stories to tell of a good beer or wine night, or, if making unwise choices, a beer and wine night. These delicacies contribute to the enjoyment of moments in our lives, both big and small. It is this culture, this feeling, this enjoyment that we wanted to capture at Beer x Wine.

The BeerxWine Mission

Our mission at beerxwine is to curate the finest products and the coolest merchandise for all things beer and wine related and bring them to you, our fellow beer and wine lovers through our online store. Our team has carefully scoured the recesses of the internet and beyond, weeding through the endless tacky novelty items to bring you a carefully crafted product selection that offers the funniest of humor items, the most useful tools, and specialty items with the utmost in refinement.  Each item has been carefully selected to enhance your beer and wine drinking experience.

Beerxwine is designed to unite beer and wine drinkers across the globe; it is a community of beer and wine aficionados that extends beyond the online platform. It is a place to educate, inspire, and fill a void. We provide sought-after products while informing our community of events, new trends, and reviews of the best breweries and wineries in each country. We are combining all the highlights or beer and wine culture into one refined space.

BeerxWine is the greatest things about favorite beverages: the products, the brands, the breweries, the wineries, the travel, all in one place for beer and wine lovers to enjoy.  Beer x Wine is not just another site about alcohol, it’s a global community of beer and wine lovers together in one place sharing stories, recommendations, experiences and of course, their love for beer and wine.

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