Tips On How To Shotgun or Chug a Beer Fast!

Tips On How To Shotgun or Chug a Beer Fast
Tips On How To Shotgun or Chug a Beer Fast

Shotgunning is one of the easiest ways to finish cans of beer in the shortest time possible. Anyone that went to a college party has surely observed this ceremony. The process will involve punching a small hole into the bottom part of the can, opening up the tab and then allowing the beer to pour smoothly down your throat. It is an easy technique that allows you to drink faster, so just ensure you enjoy the shotgunned beers safely and responsibly.

Prepare the Beer for Shotgunning

1. Hold the beer can horizontally. Place the can in your hand or on a level table so that the can is sideways. This moves an air bubble that is inside the can to one side instead of to the top, which will waste a lot less beer once you have made your hole. Rather use light beers as drinking a flavorful or heavy beer quickly is a lot more difficult.

2. Position your hole 2.5cm or 1 inch on the bottom side of your can. The aluminum in this part of the can is softer, which makes it easier to make a puncture hole into your can. There is a beer shotgun tool called the Sabertooth that saves your thumb (yes, I’ve seen guys use their fleshy thumb), and this is a multi-tool. The closer on the bottom of cans is not easy to punch through mainly due to the shape. If you are right-handed position your hole next to the left part of your tab, so you are able to easily open the tab later. If you are left-handed punch your hole on the right side of your tab.

3. Tilt your can until you start to feel the air bubble move under your thumbs. Press down until you start to feel the air pocket in the can. Make a small dent so you know where to make the hole.

4. Use either a knife or key to puncture your can. Use a swift and single motion to forcefully push down to make your hole. It is normal to expect some foam and beer to shoot out the hole. In fact, any type of sharp object will work, just make sure you do not puncture the can to the other side.

5. If you do not have a sharp tool you can also use your thumb. Use your fingers and palm to hold onto one side as you start to push downwards with your thumb. Once you have made the hole carry on pushing downwards towards the can’s bottom to stop the aluminum from scraping your thumb. Take care when pulling your thumb out as the metal can be sharp, which may cut or scrape your fingers.

6. The hole should be similar in size to a dime. Use the edges of the tool you used to make the hole, to resize. This means bending the sharp edges back into the can to protect your mouth when you start drinking the beer. The bigger the hole is the easier it becomes to drink your beer. However, just ensure you are still able to easily fit your entire mouth around this hole.

hole for shotgunning a beer can

Keys work, but the Sabertooth works best!

How to Shotgun the Beer

1. With your mouth placed comfortably around the hole, keep your beer horizontal making sure the hole faces upwards. Make sure the hole is covered properly with your mouth to stop the beer from spilling out.

2. Now tilt your can back to the vertical position. From here gravity takes over and does the majority of the work. Ensure your hand is over the tab so that you are able to open it immediately as soon as your can is vertical. Titling your head to one side might make this an easier task.

3. Pop open the tab and avoid trying to drink the beer until your tab has been opened. As soon as you open the tab, allows the flow of air through, so your can does not deform or cause a vacuum as the contents flow out. The beer will flow smoothly out of the hole. If you would like to drink your beer faster, you can also suck out the beer using your mouth.

4. Drink your favorite beer as quickly as you possibly can. Make sure you have taken a deep breath before you start to chug the beer. You should also make sure your head is tilted back which will help to pour the beer out faster. When your beer is finished dispose of the can responsibly. It is advisable to make sure your throat is open so that it pours down easily rather than gulping or sucking on the can. Drinking beers in this way help to make one feel intoxicated a lot faster.

There’s a cleaner way to shotgun a beer can with this nifty koozie contraption. Cleaner. Safer. And if you’re a follower of this blog you’ll know that our team loves koozies…

How To Chug Beer Bottles Fast

Here’s a nifty trick when you run out of beer cans to puncture — open your bottle, as usual, and insert a plastic straw that is flexible inside the bottle. Bend the top part of the straw down towards the bottle. The straw allows air inside the beer bottle, which makes the beer flow out much faster while avoiding any spillage. While tilting your head back start to drink. You should finish your beer in just less than 5 seconds.

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