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All You Need To Know About Recycling Wine Barrels

All You Need To Know About Recycling Wine Barrels
All You Need To Know About Recycling Wine Barrels

Believe it or not, it is possible to turn old wine barrels into elegant furniture. All you require is some patience, some skill, and old-fashioned ingenuity to complete this task. You can create rustic-style home or present country barrel furniture using old wine barrels.

Nowadays, recycling old wine barrels has become a popular trend because of the growing interest in reducing unnecessary waste. I am one of the many individuals who are advocates of recycling and reclaiming older items and turning them into exquisite treasures. The wine barrel is one of the greatest resources for recycled wood because many wooden planks are used to make the barrel’s body, as well as the bottom and top parts of the barrel. All of these planks can be highly beneficial in making different types of furniture.

Creating furniture using old oak barrels is a superb DIY project to complete over the weekend. Wine barrels are typically created using oak as it is a strong and versatile wood; therefore, it is good for building durable furniture pieces.

In previous years, people would throw away their old wine barrels. Unlike those individuals, I chose to keep any old wine barrels I came across because I knew there would be a way to repurpose them. The stylish appearance of a wine barrel makes it ideal for DIY furniture pieces.

Wood from old wine barrels can be cut into various pieces to create many types of wine barrel furniture. Using a good wine barrel, it is possible to craft a plethora of items including stools, side tables, coffee tables, dinner tables, stools, lounge chairs, and even doggie beds.

Oak Wood Whole Wine BarrelWine barrels can also be utilized as landscape elements providing the outdoor space with a unique appearance. The barrel can also be used as a terrific indoor element and I have seen people coat the barrel with different paints to match their interior design theme. Personally, I prefer to leave the DIY wine barrel without any paints and maintain the original colour.

Instead of storing the old wine barrels or throwing them away, it is possible to use your DIY skills to turn the barrel into a type of furniture. One of the most popular options for a recycled wine barrel is to turn it into a table. This can be done using two or three wine barrels, stained and varnished to the person’s preferred colour. The barrel can make good table legs for a large dining table or a simple side table in your living area.

In fact, a larger oak wine barrel can extend to two side tables! All you need to do is clean and dry one large barrel, then cut across the barrel to form two separate halves. You can stain and varnish the two halves to form side tables, or you can use the halves in their original state.

If you are planning to create a wine barrel table or chair, it is important to remember the following points:

• the wine barrels to be used are strong and sturdy
• the wine barrels are clean
• the wine barrels do not have any cracks, holes, deformities or soft areas
• the wine barrel must be varnished inside and out to ensure it retains its beauty and strength
• oak barrels are more beneficial because they are stronger and have a more attractive natural grain
• buy wine barrels from reliable and reputable wine dealers