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The 5 Best Drinking Board Games For Adults

The 5 Best Drinking Board Games For Adults
The 5 Best Drinking Board Games For Adults

Some like being the life of the party – but if you’re a social introvert like myself that is not an option. So what works for me is I try to bring the entertainment or the fun that creates the many lives of the party! Board games, card and table games, beer pong, fun drinking toys, fancy glassware or accessories, or anything that promotes laughter and good times. I look for items where anyone can take part; even the already cut-off or sober people can take shots of juice just to participate or fill a spot if needed. Ultimately, there’s three reasons why I am the king of drinking board games for adults:

i) My friends know that my ideas or games will not interfere with their overall party, it will enhance it. Never over-power the host and their idea of what their party will become.

ii) They look to me to bring these adult party games incase there is a lull in the evening, someone brings it up, or my favourite – when the party breaks into clusters, and a small group of people want to start a trend.

iii) My friends know that I love to mediate the game, and make sure nothing (including the actual game and pieces) gets very damaged. And ABOVE ALL, I assure that everyone is safe when they participate.

And let’s be honest, no party (especially involving alcohol) ever goes as planned. I have a shelf full of them, and even keep a rotation in the trunk of my car. You never know which party drinking games will come in handy.

My Recommendations:

The Best Drinking Board Games For Adults

Sometimes the most popular drinking board games aren’t the most entertaining. They are simply the most bought (remember, some homemade ones are stellar!). I currently own around thirty-five and all of them can be bought online. There is one exception and that will be discussed in another post. So here are the ones that once mastered, either create a cheerful environment, a competitive one, or an outright hilarious time.



This one is the goto among my close friends, when we expect a group of 6+ people. You will need to split into teams after six people and this game has a small learning curve, which I deem as a benefit so no one unaware of their surroundings can participate.

It doesn’t require a large table and can be played in anyone’s kitchen. It combines multiple, popular games into one including Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters and College Drinking Party Games. I appreciate the attention to details with this game, especially the fact that everything (board, pieces, etc.) are water resistant. Not that water has ever been played around my board, and this is a drink a palooza review so I’ll say “liquid resistant”.

mini ping pong tables2) Mini Pong Table Game

I have partaken in a few rowdy beer pong games over the years. They usually result in lost or destroyed ping pong balls resulting in the end of the game, and a lot of alcohol spillage. This Mini Beer Pong Board Game does solve those two issues. It’s on the micro-scale so it’s easy to pack, carry and clean. The ball is shot with a mini-catapult (it’s actually very fun). It is on a tether so the ball will never roll away or get stepped on. Lastly, I enjoy breaking this game out just with my best friend or girlfriend; it’s competitive and petite so you don’t get uber wasted. It’s more about the finesse…

3) Blackout Drinking Party Set

party drinking games

This is another hybrid-game that takes some explaining but once you get rolling (see what I did there?) it is a good way to get lubed up. Hence the name.

There wasn’t much to report on about this game as it’s straight forward. Everything was waterproof and easy to keep track of. I have only played this game twice and both were under pre-drinking scenarios, which makes me wonder what will happen in a party situations that’s… progressed. The one thing I felt while playing was my college party days… but that is merely based on my experiences.

4) Drinking Glass Spinning Roulette Set

If you’re looking at simplicity and a quick and easy way for players to get hammered… this is your game. It is exactly what you see: spin the wheel and if the number corresponds with your glass you take the shot. Not rocket science. My friend Todd recommended we assign multiple numbers each and well, you can imagine the results.

5) Shot Glass Tick Tac Toe Game

Another simple alternative and needs no explanation; play a regular tic tac toe game and if you lose, drink all the shots on the board. You could alter those rules because at that rate you are 3-4 losses to annihilation, but hey, life’s about winning so play for your liver.

Where Can I Buy Drinking Games?

The best place to find what you’re looking for is on Amazon. Make sure you check the game description provided by the manufacturer (and buy direct from the manufacturer if you can to avoid any warranty issues later on). Most importantly, read the reviews by verified purchasers so you know you’re getting 100% unbiased feedback.

If you’re looking for bricks and mortar, I have some across drinking board games at Walmart.

If you purchase a game that I haven’t mentioned in this post, and you think it is a beauty and needs to be mentioned, please let me know.

Create Your Own Drinking Board Games

I will cover this in another post but holy smokes are there a lot of tutorials to sift through and DIY. Homemade drinking board games range from single weekend crafts to full blown complex projects requiring tools and a garage. Good thing my boss and editor don’t judge me for all of this… er, research I’m conducting. Be safe and have fun! 🍻