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Effects of Drinking Beer And Why It’s Good For You

Effects of Drinking Beer And Why It's Good For You
Effects of Drinking Beer And Why It's Good For You

How often do you use the phrase ” Let’s go get a beer?”, is a way like another to tell a friend or a friend to meet to chat, smile, do not think about work or books and become estranged from the thousand daily problems. It’s a situation that I approved of, and as I approve of a good glass of beer to sip in happy company.

Drinking beer, you are led to believe that you have made a serious mistake and, if you are following the low-calorie diet, that you have unbalanced your program. Beer, the food drink par excellence, is, in fact, frequently accused of making you fat: nothing more false! At the same quantity (100ml), in fact, it contains less calories than other drinks: whiskey contains 238 kcal, 75 kcal red wine, 235 kcal grappa, while beer only 35 kcal.

Beer is a healthy product, appreciated all over the world for centuries, for its taste and healthiness. The beer is produced by sprouting the barley (producing the barley malt), grinding and pulping it in water at 60° C. In this phase the starch turns into maltose, the hop is added and at fermentation of the yeasts. Maltose turns into glucose and then into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Finally, we proceed to clarification.

Scientists have known for some time that some glass, and I emphasize some, of beer helps to prevent certain diseases. From the study conducted in Holland by Dr. Henk Hendriks, team of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Research, it has emerged that even beer, consumed in moderation, can lead to benefits in terms of prevention of heart problems. In fact, this drink obtained from hops is rich in Vitamin B6, able to prevent in the human body the increase of a particular type of amino acid called “omocistrina”, which is believed to cause an increase in the risk of heart attacks, and is also rich in folate and antioxidant agents. The protective action of moderate consumption of beer is also proven against the formation of gallstones, against osteoporosis and against diabetes.

So, beer is nice to taste, and it turns out that it’s also useful! The use of beer for health is one of the most carefully hidden secrets in the world, but we are here to disrupt the cover of secrecy. Sit down, grab a jar (or two, or three) and find out the top 10 reasons why you should drink beer.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Beer

Beer is medicine for the most neglected cold

Maybe the taste of warm beer is disgusting, but it turns out that a glass of warmed up intoxicating is better than a glass of tea! If you reheat barley – one of the main components – it, as it turns out, helps improve blood circulation.

disadvantages of beer

disadvantages of beer

Beer contains a lot of vitamin B

Vitamin B are very important, they charge you with energy and allow the body to be renewed. It turns out that to drink a cup or two means to be charged with vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. To your health!

Beer reduces the risk of heart attack

Studies show that beer lovers are 40-60% less likely to have a heart attack than people who do not drink it. And although it has not yet been determined whether this is due to the fact that beer lovers are simply more relaxed, cool and quiet dudes, or with beer itself, the fact remains.

Beer promotes a healthy complexion

This does not mean that every night you need to spend a liter or two on rinsing your face; fortunately, it’s enough to drink it. Yes, the fact that alcoholics face often stains is true, but if you drink beer moderately, it will improve the flow of vitamins and help maintain healthy skin.

Beer helps your digestion

It’s true! Each bottle contains up to one gram of cellulose dissolved in beer, which greatly contributes to digestion. If you want to fully enjoy the benefits of beer for the gastrointestinal tract, drink dark varieties.

Beer helps to sleep well

It’s not a secret that if you take a beer, it will make you sleepy, but it has a scientific justification. Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid are two components of beer that facilitate the process of falling asleep. Next time, when you are suffering from insomnia, put off sleeping pills and just open a bottle of beer.

Beer is a natural way to relieve stress

There is a Canadian study showing that two glasses of beer a day effectively reduces stress and anxiety levels – and not just once. Beer lovers, as it turned out, are significantly lower levels of stress and anxiety associated with work.

stress relief drinking beer

stress relief drinking beer

Beer lowers cholesterol

Many people give up beer because there are too many carbohydrates, but in fact, it can lower cholesterol! The cellulose, dissolved in beer, which we have already talked about, helps to cope with hunger, and also lowers the level of LDL-cholesterol (this is, by the way, its harmful type).

Beer helps to strengthen memory

Some people drink to forget, but most do not even suspect that this magical elixir can actually help your memory! People, who regularly and moderately consume it, are less at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Beer makes you strong

Of course, if you drink properly, you seem a little stronger to yourself than there really is, but there are scientific facts that prove that you do not only seem to be. Silicone, contained in beer, strengthens bone tissue. A stronger bone is a reduction in the risk of fractures. So what are we waiting for, let’s drink!

In the end, with this article I am not inviting you and obliging you to put beer in your diet, but I have only informed you that if you want and drink a glass of beer don’t get hesitate, you can!