The 3 Best Drinking Card Games Around

The 3 Best Drinking Card Games Around
The 3 Best Drinking Card Games Around

When a house party starts to slow during prime hours, or you and your friends are looking for a night with an injection of laughter (or intoxication), then reach for the drinking card games. No elaborate rules or drinking games with props. Fun drinking card games can play-out with a simple deck of cards and some rules (look at Blind Man’s Bluff rules or Circle of Death drinking game rules), but in typical human behaviour it went to the next level; smart, witty people invented branded card games with illustrations and beautiful typeface and now we have options. Here are just a few…

Now before I jump into reviewing the card games I have played or actually own, I’d like to mention the parameters I use when I rate product (since a few readers have asked). I use the product or watch it be used. If I have fun or enjoyment from said product, we talk about it 🙂 That’s really it. So without further adieu, here are the party card games that I have fallen for. Adults only.

Fun Drinking Card Games for Two People or More

1. Drunk, Stupid or Stoned [A Party Game]

drinking card games

Okay. Maybe don’t break this out at Christmas with your insecure relatives but man does this game slay at house parties among friends. Especially if your group of pals can take a joke, and dish it, too. The rules to the game are simple: you take a card. You read your card aloud and then you must decide who this card represents and why. It’s a group vote and in some instances, people get a lot of fingers pointed at them. Whomever has the most cards at the end, loses.

Funny times. Even funnier reactions.

2. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

party card gamesThis game might take the cake at getting a group of friends hammered the quickest. Drinking board games tend to have a lot of moving parts and rules, but this one is just a simple, down and dirty blow out. Easy to learn, cards help stack rules to the game or order drinks such as “All girls drink” etc.. We stopped after 30 minutes of playing the first time because we were already boozed – and everyone was praying for FREE PASS cards. Not a good sign… 😉

3. Never Have I Ever [A Party Card Game]

fun drinking gamesAt some point in time we’ve all played Truth or Dare. This card game focusses on the truth portion. I feel women may have more advanced experience here which is why I recommend this game for wine get-togethers with your girlfriends. It’s also a hit on couples night because you get to watch awkwardness rule the room. Maybe even see a couple’s fight… kidding, I hope it never gets to that.

It’s the same basic rules and on the back of the cards are questions beginning with “Never have I ever…” and if you have never done said event or activity then you get a point. The person with the most points are lame. Recommendation: do not play with family or ex’s.

Honorable Mention: Cards Against Humanity

best drinking card gamesYup, the classic, and what most will cite as the game that started the new-age trend of party card games. I have not encountered modified rules to this game that include drinking, but this one is best played with drinks and certainly encourages it.

drinking game group

Let’s all drink responsibly!

Last Minute Drinking Card Games [with an actual deck of cards]

As mentioned above, you can play simple card games at parties by using a traditional deck of cards. The early versions of card drinking games probably evolved at saloons and then once the modern College Kid hit the scene there is now an encyclopedia on games to help people drink quicker.

These are some of our favourite, non-branded card games found @cardgameheaven (in Alphabetical order):

  • A$$Hole
  • Beer99
  • Beeramid
  • Black or Red
  • Bus Driver
  • Cheat
  • Forehead
  • Kings
  • Screw Your Neighbor
  • Spoons
  • Thumbmaster