The 4 Best Wine Dispenser Aerators for Both Casuals and Enthusiasts

The 4 Best Wine Dispenser Aerators for Both Casuals and Enthusiasts
The 4 Best Wine Dispenser Aerators for Both Casuals and Enthusiasts

I feel like there is a progression on the spectrum of wine interest. First you start casually, then once you take it more serious is how to best drink the wine. Which meal to pair it with, and importantly, how to maximize the flavours. Next in line is researching the parameters (science, location, weather, company history) that influences the outcome. But that level is for another day, and today we are focusing on how a wine dispenser can enhance the flavour of wine, and importantly what four products I currently own and which is my favourite.

I started as a casual drinker that stuck to French wines but as I started to travel after college I began to expand my horizons. Although I don’t have the expendable income to explore the horizons like a wine shop owner or a sommelier, I did work as a server at a restaurant for years and that provided options. Now, in my thirties, I try to pick a region for a few months and try maybe their top thirty wines. In order to maximize the product that the vineyard has yielded, or my hard-earned money has gone towards, I like to use a product that can be called many things; a wine dispenser machine, a wine aerator pourer… it’s really up to you.

Best Wine Dispenser

Best Wine Dispenser

Below are the ones I currently own.

*edit on January 20, 2018 – I removed the fifth product because it stopped working after a month of ownership and was not covered by warranty nor replaced. How unfair.*

These wine pourers mainly benefit me in two obvious ways: the act as a decanter, and they make pouring simple. They enhance flavour by utilizing Bernoulli’s principle (fluid dynamics) and keep the tablecloth clean.

My Wine Dispenser / Wine Aerator Reviews

1) Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

wine aerator pourerThe first aerator I have ever owned and it was a gift. I was new to wine and conducted a few blind tastings with my mother by using the same wine, one without the pourer and one without. We both chose the wine that had been aerated. It tasted better. Is it the best wine aerator on the market? Nope. But it is easy to manage and is inexpensive to replace. This product has lasted me years and has accumulated a stain inside the plastic spout. It is dishwasher friendly and I try to soak it from time to time. The simplicity of this product makes it appealing, and it’s only $15 on Amazon.

2) Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

best wine aeratorLuxury is in the name. It is a high-end piece that gives you the option of leaving the wine bottle upright, and with one press the Aervana will dispense wine into a cup placed below the spout. It never hiccups, and it gives a vibe of “help yourself” when I break it out at get-togethers. It’s worth the $100 or so I spent, and is easy to clean. I use a pipe cleaner on the spout.

Other notes: It will keep wine sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Includes Electric Wine Aerator, Two Tubes, Six AAA Batteries, User Manual.

3) WAERATOR Electric Wine Aerator

wine dispenser machineThis is my backup dispenser in the house and it does match the Aervana in functionality, but it lacks in commercial design. Even the weight of the product is light, which might not be bad for a travel piece, but it doesn’t latch on like the Aervana and assure my confidence that it’s not going anywhere. Maybe it’s a seal issue or I’ve done something to mine, and I am still waiting on my response about the warranty to see if I can get it replaced.

4) Lxuzan Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Decanter

wine aerator reviewsI have only owned this product for a month and used it once at an office party. I am thinking of leaving it there as a lot of wine gets consumed there, and secondly I am running out of drawer space… Everyone is drawn to it because it looks like a mini-gold-keg. It’s flashy, but it gets the job done. It’s just over half the price of the Aervana, and I feel in this category of product you really get what you pay for.

What is My Best Wine Aerator / Dispenser?

I can’t make a definitive choice between all of the products that I own. The Vintorio is the most simplistic, but doesn’t give the “luxury” feel. Not a fan of that word, but the Aervana feels and functions like a high-end product should. For each their own. Another thing to mention is that these do not function as a wine preservation system. You’ll need to find a commercial wine dispenser for that purpose — and I’ve seen some pretty crazy ones out there such as the 2 bottle wine dispenser.

As always read the reviews on each listing and draw your own conclusions. 🙂