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A Wine Purse With A Hidden Spout Bacchus Would Love

A Wine Purse With A Hidden Spout Bacchus Would Love
A Wine Purse With A Hidden Spout Bacchus Would Love

Every woman understands how important a great quality purse is. Every woman also knows just how important a great glass of wine can be, especially if it’s one of “those” days. Now imagine a purse that can actually carry a bottle of wine in a hidden pouch, complete with a spout to pour it. That’s exactly what can be had with the PortoVino Purse from the world famous Bella Vita brand.

Size Does Matters

One thing this particular wine purse brings to the table versus its competitors is a size that is most grand. The inner bladder which resides within the purse is large enough to easily fit two full bottles of wine along with the “everyday” items one would normally carry in their purse such as keys, cosmetics, wallet, etc. This means the wine can flow without interruption for a much longer period of time than with other wine purses.

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The straps of the purse are also nice and wide so that there is never an uncomfortable feeling when wearing the purse on the shoulder. Some brands feature thin straps which can dig into the shoulders of the wearer but the straps of the PortoVino wine purse with spout allow a woman to wear it all day long with absolutely zero discomforts. Along with maximum comfort, the Portofino features:

  • A gorgeous faux leather exterior which is durable enough to withstand many a day trip or lengthier adventure. Perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the beach!
  • A design which is sophisticated enough to leave the wearer looking and feeling good no matter where they are at, in any social situation.
  • A cleverly designed flap which completely conceals the spout when it is not in use but which allows easy access when it is time for more vino!
  • It also allows for maximum savings as those “in the know” state that the owner will never have to pay for another drink again.

A Wine Handbag With A Hidden Dispenser with Convenience

wine purse with spout

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The convenience of the purse really stands out when the purse is being used while out on the town. Along with the aforementioned ability to fit two bottles of wine in its bladder, the wine purse tote with spout has an insulated hidden pocket which can keep the wine (or other non-carbonated beverage) very chilled for quite a long time. The bladder, lovingly referred to as “The Party Pouch” is made from BPA-free plastic so the wine can be consumed with no worries about one’s health or environmental concerns.

Wow! Is The Word

When this wine purse with a hidden spout is in tow, the party will always be at hand. Whoever wears this will instantly be not only the life of, but the hit of the party as well. While the manufacturer recommends disposing of the disposable bladders after each use, they can actually be re-used many times over, so long as they are cleaned well and thoroughly dried afterwards. This can save even more money as it eliminates the need for constantly buying replacements, especially if a lot of wine is being drunk.

This purse with built in wine spout makes a great gift. In fact, even if someone does not drink wine, it can still be given as a gift and used as it can easily hold juice or water just as well as it can hold the nectar of the gods. Its portability makes it a great option for all sorts of parties, including tailgaters, BBQs, or even just a good old-fashioned girls night out. Why spend all that money on drink after drink when one can drink for free with this amazing purse?

For its modest price, you really can’t go wrong with the Bella Vita PortoVino wine purse. Sturdy yet lightweight, functional yet beautiful, there is seemingly no end to the list of already completely satisfied customers who have already purchased. Don’t risk being left out of the party atmosphere that this purse brings. Sophisticated enough to be used everyday but novel enough to still rate being the talk of your friends, Bella Vita unequivocally has yet another hit on their hands with this item. Retail experts agree this could be one of the top gifts this season so it is best to get it now before they are all gone.

Limited Stock, This wine purse is on sale and now available on Amazon.com