Let’s Review Beer Bottle Koozies, the Yeti and Stainless Steel

Let’s Review Beer Bottle Koozies, the Yeti and Stainless Steel
Let’s Review Beer Bottle Koozies, the Yeti and Stainless Steel

Ah, the old trusty beer koozie (or coolie, can hugger beer cooler). Most beer lovers have at least a couples of these stored in a drawer, which brings back memories of past vacations, favorite brands, or beer fests.

The Science Behind Beer Bottle Koozies

You may think it is to protect your hands against getting too cold. Or maybe you see it as a means to stop the warmth from your hands heating up the beer. Or perhaps you might use it to keep your slippery beer can from moving around whenever water drops are accumulating on the surface of the can. Just on temperature alone, you can make a strong argument that a warm beer isn’t as refreshing as a cold one. However, there is a lot more science involved besides temperature. A glass that is frozen or one just over frozen may mute some of the aromas and flavors that were intended by the brewer. If the beer is too warm there is a risk that you will oxidize it, and gives it a metallic or cardboard flavor.

Although added insulation from outside temperatures, comfortable hands, and a better grip slows down heat transfer coming from your hands onto the beer all are factors. The most important job of the beer coolie is to prevent the formation of water droplets on the can whenever you are enjoying a beer when there is high humidity in the air. Every single drop formed adds heat to the can. The process is called latent heat (or condensational warming, more specifically), and although it might seem to be mysterious, there is a good chance that you know about the opposite scientific process already.

Keep your Beer Cold in the Summer

On a hot summer day when you step out of the pool, you might feel cold. The evaporation cool is actually latent heat loss coming from the liquid water that evaporates into water vapor gas. Whenever water vapor condenses into a liquid again, a similar level of heat is created. However, you don’t just need to trust what I have to say about it.

beer bottle and can koozie

To make things even worse, if the outside temperature is warmer than the middle 60s, with the relative humidity being above 60 percent (in the South that is most of the summer), then the heat in your beer increases due to the water drops greatly exceeding how much heat is gained by the air temperature just being hot. The more humid and hotter it becomes outside, the worse the conditions become as well.

Do Metal or Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Koozies Work?

There are stainless steel and metal koozie options for beer bottles and cans. The Yeti is well known but you can find variations and colors everywhere. To prevent all of the added heat, you just need to have a simple can koozie. It will prevent the water vapor from becoming condensed on the car. The koozie’s surface is over the dew point. This means that water is unable to form on the outside part of the koozie, and it definitely won’t form on the beer can that is inside of the koozie. Latent heat is taken out of the equation.

So the next time that you plan to take a can outdoors, go into your koozie drawer, take out your favorite koozies. It will protect your beer against condensational heating and latent heat by keeping the water inside of the can instead of on the outside.

The Infamous, Yeti Koozie

This one works as exactly as advertised. It keeps cold can very cold, and doesn’t chill out your hand or sweat. It can be used as an insulated tumbler and then pour whatever you want inside, cold or hot.

The main downside is that it is expensive, at about 30 dollars. It definitely out-performs a regular koozie, however, a regular koozie is often free. So is it really worth it? It is really great. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and looks awesome at the same time.

What makes the Yeti Cooler stand out from all of the free koozies that are available (apart from the price) is that instead of neoprene and foam, it made with 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. Basically, it is a thermos to put your can of beer in that will keep it cold for quite some time.

Beer Bottle Koozies With Zippers?

If you are on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida be prepared to see these zipper koozies… a lot. Popular on the beach and around the pool, these litter the shelves of all your local tourist knickknack shops.

Beer Koozie Mittens

It is a complicated task to drink booze during the winter. Your beer needs to be kept cold and your hands warm. However, your hands end up cold and your beer warm whenever you hold your beer in your bare hand. Beer koozie mittens are winter gloves that have a hole to hold a drink. So your only purpose for the day will be drinking booze. The only thing your hands will be good for is drinking beer.