Let’s Look At Metal Wine Racks Available Online

Let’s Look At Metal Wine Racks Available Online
Let’s Look At Metal Wine Racks Available Online

There comes a time in life where you reach adulthood and a few things change as a wine drinker; one, you broaden your purchasing horizons beyond the sub-$8 bottles and two, you start buying win and storing at home. For once, your collection of wine can keep up with your drinking habits! In all seriousness, you should be proud of this level up, and display your selection proudly. I’m a fan of wrought iron wine racks and rustic wood, so below I will outline my favorites from around the web beyond the plain metal wine racks.

One of the favorite spots to hang out with friends (and drink wine of course) is the kitchen. It has always ben this way, no matter the home I have lived at. People always congregate to the spot where food and drink is readily available. Next time you’re at a party, watch what happens…

Since this phenomena tends to occur at my place, I wanted a wine bottle holder that looks classy and matched my décor, but also protected the wine.

wine bottle holderThe thing to decide on is how much wine you want to display and what type of metal wine racks warrant that quantity. You can go with a standing wine rack or a hanging one, or a multi-use rack that stores corks and hangs glassware. There’s options out there and below I will outline a few that I’ve come across many times online, read the reviews, and I’ll tell you which one I went with.

The Popular Metal Wine Racks I Researched…

Not in any particular order:

1. The Towel Rack Converted into Wine Rack

Yes, this is a double feature, and perfect for the casual wine drinker. Disclaimer: I do not own this particular one but I had to feature it as it doubles as wall art. Inexpensive, with great reviews, this metal wine rack can feature six bottles of wine (or towels, remember!), and runs vertical so the placement opportunities are endless.

2. Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Rack

wrought iron wine racksThis standing wine rack is far from the minimal, converted towel rack. My friend that welds as a career has admired this beautiful piece. I like the price at $150 and it would make any space pop. This has the potential to “pop” too much as it is so amazing to look at it might become a focal point. But if you have enough wine in your collection to fill this iron wine rack, you should own it. It looks awesome!

3. Celtic Bakers Wine Storage Solution

standing wine rackWicker baskets and twelve spots for wine!? This is a metal wine rack that looks classy and has shelf space for glasses or standing wine bottles just waiting to be drank! The horizontal bottle slots hold up to twelve bottles and the wicker baskets offer something for storage, if not aesthetics alone.

4. Metal Wine Wall Mount by Besti

metal wine racksLast but not least, this crafty piece has the words WINE spelled on the front in metal, as well as cork storage in a cool cage below the bottle shelf. I bought this specific piece because of the price ($50) and I needed something for the dining room where I mostly have 4-5 guests maximum. The cork storage is a nice touch. It allows up to four ready to drink bottles at once, and you can hang up to four wine glasses underneath. Truly an excellent addition to my dining room, I am very happy with the choice I made.

Which of These Metal Wine Racks Should I Buy My Friend?

I am thinking of buying my close friend and fellow wine drinker one of these for her upcoming birthday. If anyone owns the first three racks let me know in the comments what you think of them and help me make my decision 🙂