Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Are Trending…

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Are Trending
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Are Trending

A few years ago I never would have guessed that stainless steel wine glasses would be taking the scene by storm. I’ve seen them not only at Medieval Times, but they are popping up at my local bars and restaurants. There is a certain attractiveness to them, and they definitely have a longer life expectancy than many other types of glasses and cups. While plastics are implicated in a variety of ailments due to leeching particles into the beverages they hold, stainless steel doesn’t contain these cancer-causing agents. You might even feel a connection to the taverns and inns of old… unless you go with some funky, colorful options.

Stainless Steel Glasses And The Science

The taste and smell of the wine should not be impacted at the chemical level. If you look at it from a scientific perspective, the wine is exactly the same as if you were drinking it from a glass container. While folks generally use the word “taste” to reflect the experiences of their tongue in relation to food, a large part of the experience is via the nasal passages. The scent of the food rises through your nose, with molecules resting on the back of your throat, contributing to the flavour experience.

However, flavour is only one aspect of the experience of consuming food and drink. Sipping wine from a stainless steel cup or flute will differ from your previous experiences. As a curiosity, I tried pouring the same ounce of scotch on the rocks, one in glass and one in my stainless steel wine tumble, and the steel maintained the ice cube’s longevity. Good to know. I will try it against copper next.

What Else Is Unique About Stainless Steel Wine Glasses?

The cold feeling associated with steel will rest upon your lips in a way that glass cannot. The material is unlike glass and plastic in other significant ways as well. For instance, you will be aware of the change in weight as you handle the drink. The tactile experience, along with your other senses, is definitely going to be different with stainless steel glasses. The texture of the rim is noticeably thinner than even the most expensive glassware. Most suppliers choose to manufacture stainless steel stemless wine glasses to cost save and avoid defects common with metallurgy. Always purchase lead-free stainless steel, with an 18/8 BPA rating.

Metal Wine Glasses are an Experience

metal wine glassesDrinking your wine from metal wine glasses is already a step in the right direction to get away from tumblers. Of course, you can consume your wine from any type of container that you want to. However, if you want to truly immerse yourself in the experience, you will begin to notice the nuanced differences the container can make.

Because it is opaque, the steel will keep you from being able to assess visual characteristic of your wine.

Though there are some differences associated with various types of beverage containers, steel is an ideal choice for going on a hike.