The Top 3 Best Electric Wine Openers

The Top 3 Best Electric Wine Openers
The Top 3 Best Electric Wine Openers

Each time I scramble to find a wine opener amid a gathering of friends, it usually leads to poking the cork through with a butter knife or (hopefully) opening the bottle with my shoe. It actually is a great party trick (use cheap wine). Those are just reasons to validate why I ponied up $45 for a fancy electric wine opener. It sits on the counter, looks pretty, and pops corks in seconds.

battery operated wine opening

It’s all in the bicept!

I have lived in apartments, a trailer, and owned my own condo and house, and no matter how many wine openers I stock up on they always seem to disappear. The ghost of Bacchus? Probably. You search the utensil drawer or any drawer that looks like it should have one. They’re never there.

I can only speak for three automatic wine openers that I have seen in action. And I must note that my Secura is an earlier model than linked below. Apples to Apples.

What’s the Top Electric Wine Opener on Amazon?

1) Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener

best electric wine openerThis is the wizardry that plucks corks from bottles in my kitchen in seconds. Lots of torque. It’s also the countertop item that gets moved around the most… The stainless steel picks up fingerprints like my fridge. But the slick design and reliability makes it my favorite purchase under $50 for my kitchen in the past while. The charging base acts as a display mount. The LED light turns on when in use or chilling on the charging dock. Not only did it come with a 1-year warranty but my order included an ice bucket. Foil cutter included.

Other notes: Only for use with North American Electrical Standards, 120V 60Hz AC. Sealed battery. *Someone needs to let the product photographer hired by Secura that the bottle in the ice bin is a screw-top. 😉

2) Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Bottle Opener

electric wine bottle openerThis is the model my best friend went with and it gets the job done. It functions similarly to my Secura, and even has LED lighting as well. The only noticeable difference is that it is made out of plastic, and they claim 60 bottles on a single charge, whereas Secura is 30+. The speed was half of what I’m used to, but nonetheless got the job done. Foil cutter included. Sealed battery.

3) Uncle Viner Electric Wine Opener Gift Set

automatic wine openerMy mother owns an Uncle Viner. This brand knows how to package their product, and that makes up for the more straight-forward design of the opener. No slick curves or patterns. The most inexpensive of the bunch @$20. They claim 80+ bottles per charge. Hmmm!

Other notes: includes 4AA batteries (NiMh), Automatic Rechargeable Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Charger, Manual.

Which one of the three is the best electric wine opener?

They all look great in the kitchen and make a good conversation piece. The difficulty I have is where to position it; you need to have a plug nearby and then consider hiding the cord. The next best thing is to unplug it after use and stash it in a drawer. These products are too pretty though, and are meant to be out on display.

The two electric ones compared to the battery operated wine opener only gives you accessibility to the battery if needed to be replaced. All of them work on real and synthetic corks. They all get the jobs done within a few seconds of one another. They all light up for the secret wine meetings in the dark. Maybe if I get bored one evening I’ll make my mother and my friend bring theirs over for a corking party and we can race to see which one is faster.

The issue there is, once you open it, our rule is you’ve got to drink it! 🙂