My Favorite Gift To Give Is Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets

My Favorite Gift To Give Is Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets
My Favorite Gift To Give Is Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets

Do you need to attend a housewarming? Are you looking to surprise a fellow wine enthusiast with something that is a little different than the average gift? Go with my latest and preferred creations: the wine and cheese gift baskets — they are fun to make and always click with my friends. You can theme them or highlight your shared, favorite winery and cheese products. It’s arguably the best type of gift basket…

Makes It A Couples Night With Wine Gifts For Her

It is known that cheese tastes best paired with wine, and putting one of these baskets together is simple. Regardless of whether you are sending the basket to a cheese-lover or not, the experience of sampling new flavours is outstanding…

Quickest Way to Make Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets?


Wine Country Makes them Right!

This is a fun gift basket idea that can be pulled together quickly and is ideal as a gift for a host. It is also perfect for different occasions or to give to different recipients. If you plan carefully, you can keep supplies on hand for various baskets and have a fancy gift available within a matter of minutes (or seconds if you are experienced). Below are some of the gift baskets I’ve made for friends of age that involve alcohol:

• The Bottled Wine Or Cider Basket

This is one of the best times to grab a favorite beverage on sale. During this celebratory season, the beers, wine, and ciders (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are being sold for prices that are much lower than normal. For example, at Ralphs you can purchase six bottles of wine for 30% less than the normal price. You can also purchase a good bottle of wine for under $10.

• The Wine Goblets And Glasses

I adore stemless glasses and wine goblets or glasses are similar to these. Steel wine glasses are all the rage. Tuck the glasses into the basket and you can give a friend a very pretty and practical gift. Glasses can be purchased at different retailers for approximately $5 or so.

• The Cheese Certificatealcohol gift baskets

My sibling made me an adorable Brie card when she sent me a cheese and wine gift for Christmas. She printed a cheese label and glued it to some card stock. Inside the card, she placed a gift certificate for use to go and purchase our own cheeses. If you have a good cheese store near you, it is recommended that you get a gift certificate from them.

• The Fruit and Cheese Basket

Clementines and apples are the ideal fruits to pack in a gift basket as they are easy to store and are in available in abundance during this period. I tend to use Ice Wine as it pairs nicely with fruit.

• The Chocolate, Cheese and Wine Basket

When planning a chocolate basket, it is important that you use a quality brand. Cheap chocolate may be less costly to purchase, but it will take a gift basket’s quality down a degree – don’t do this!

If You Don’t Have The Time, Order One!

wine-cheese-basket-free-shippingListen, life gets busy, and some people don’t have time to be creative. I ordered a few wine baskets from this site and made out ok. Costing it out I’m not sure how they make money, maybe on the case ordering? The delivery window was five days and their customer service was on point. They gave me a FREE SHIPPING for future orders — not sure I should share this but go for it 😉

Final Word On The Best Wine Gift Baskets

Wine and cheese baskets are one of those traditional ideas that can be used to treat friends and close family; and, every person loves unwrapping a gift basket to see the treats lying within. A new variable I am incorporating lately is opaque wrapping paper to conceal the contents — extra surprise! The baskets are not costly to create and you can have a great deal of fun choosing the contents or themes. Go get after it!